How Was It?

"My husband definitely prefers these to any other condom!” Kristi

“Holy burrito are these things great.” Mike – Okla.

“These condoms are great. They’re the best feeling condoms I’ve ever used. They are very thin, so they transfer heat and feeling very well. Despite their thinness, they do not break easily. They fit quite snugly, and the lubrication on them is good. Zero smell.” Jaded in OC – Orange County, Calif.

“These are a new staple in the house! To quote my bf, ‘… 0.04 is exceptional and worth the extra money!’ Two thumbs up Okamoto I rave about them any time it comes up in conversation!” Desirae – Dublin, Calif.

“By far the best well worth the money. I tried TROJAN ex but there by far better no smell just great feeling. I recommend 0.04 to everyone. I have used tons of condoms but these they are the best period.” Nicky Z

“The best condoms I’ve ever used.” E-Rock

“Very snug around the head and it is as close as you can get to wearing nothing. Smooth, no wrinkles when I put it on … These are perfect. hope they come out w/ ribbed =)” Jimmy

“This is by far the best condom I have ever used … I had to check to make sure the condom was still on the first couple of times. NO LIES” Justin – Dallas, Texas

“004 are truly like wearing nothing at all! Feels so great.” Dave H

"Thinnest condom ever. I mean real thin. Thin Thin Thin, THIN” Lauren

“My wife loves these condoms over other ones that are a bit thicker. I’ve always bought different brands over the past years to see and feel differences. And so far these are number one. I can feel everything … Wife only wants these. I can’t recommend enough. So thin it feels like nothing is on. Well, as close as you can get like you have nothing on. I don’t see any cons.” TJ

“I have tried almost every brand of condom out there and this is the best condom I have ever used!” Sanders

“I felt so good when wearing this condom, this is by far the best condom I have ever used. It fit my male part well, not so tight, just perfect! Very thin, feels so good when you wear it, no obvious latex smells, and the lube is just perfect!” #9

“My wife and I love them. Feels like I have nothing on.” Pete S.

“All I can say is WOW!!! This condom made it to my favorite condom of all time. Everything felt amazing. I could truly tell the difference in how thin it was compared to others ... It fit like a glove. I absolutely loved the condom.” Dennis M

“Excellent, excellent, excellent condom. Closest thing to nothing at all I have ever had … This transfers heat and everything. A must use for people looking for as minimal condom feeling as possible.” Toine from Ohio

“Simply put, these are the best condoms I have ever used. They transmit sensations very well, do not smell, and feel good. I am fairly … ‘girthy,’ and often have problems with other condoms being tight. These stretch easily, and don’t squeeze too hard on me. Despite how thin these are, they are incredibly strong – I have never broken one.” Daddy C

“These are thin as anything. Great feeling, great heat transfer. Almost no latex smell. Very strong, and the lubricant on them is good. I usually need a large sized condom to prevent the pinching and red ring around the base, but these are so stretchy that it doesn’t really matter.” Hank

“0.04 condoms have great feeling. One of my favorite!! She likes it too!” Nate – Sacramento, Calif.

“These are great. I tried the 10-pack and it was incredible. Although they are costly, they are definantly worth it.” Michael T. – Los Angeles, Calif.

One of the world's thinnest condoms. One of the world's thinnest condoms.
004 condoms from Okamoto